What you need to know about the Virtual College Fair experience....

Tips for making your college fair productive and fun:

Interact with reps when visiting college booths! Someone from each college will be waiting to chat with you. Not sure what to ask?  Here are some suggestions:

  • What are the top five most popular majors at your school?
  • What are the most important criteria for your admission decisions, ACT/SAT score, GPA, or activities?
  • How do I apply for your college-based scholarships?
  • If I am awarded a grant, can I expect it to remain constant all four years (assuming my financial circumstances don’t change)?
  • Do most of your students stay on campus on the weekends, or do they go home?
  • Tell me about your career-planning department.


Set up an email account specifically for the college admissions process. You will get a lot of correspondence from these folks, so having a separate email address will help you handle emails quickly and not miss anything.